Myths of Chhimkeshwori Temple

4 Myths of Chhimkeshwori

Chhimkeshwori lies in a rural village of Tanahun district, Nepal. And the people here are religious and believe on gods, goddess, shamanism, etc. and follow their culture and traditions strictly.

Hence, there are some myths of Chhimkeshwori known among the locals as well.

A myth is considered as a traditional story that has no author which is usually intended to:

  • teach a lesson
  • explain one of the many mysteries of life
  • explain a phenomenon of nature
  • describe the customs, institutions, or religious rites of a people

Let’s discuss some myths of Chhimkeshwori.

1. Chhimkeshwori Mai Hiding Face

Goddess Chhimkeshwori is second one of the 7 sisters, Budhi Kanya Mai (1st), Gorkha Kalik (3rd), Manakamana (4th), Ichhyakamana (5th), Annapurna (6th) and Akala Mai (7th).

Her two younger sisters accepted the sacrifices of Pigs and Ducks. Thus in retaliation, Chhimkeshwori Mai lay prostrate on the floor, refusing to look at her sisters. Goddess Chhimkeshwori only accepts the sacrifices of goats and pigeons as offering.

And it is believed that if anyone tries to offer anything other than Goat or Pigeon, something bad will happen.

Once few people sacrificed a chicken as offering, then suddenly it started raining heavily with hailstones. And those people had to stay there and couldn’t reach home.

2. Holi Myth at Chhimkeshwori

It is believed that, one who first worships goddess Chhimkeshwori without any colors on their face or body during the Holi Festival (festival of colors), they’ll be blessed by the goddess and their wishes will be fulfilled.

With this belief, lots of people visit Chhimkeshwori temple during Holi festival.

3. Stolen Statue Myth

Once, two smugglers tried to steal the statue of goddess Chhimkeshwori from the temple. The put the statue on bag and left the premise, then they reached on the road the tried to start the vehicle. But it didn’t start. No matter how many time they tried.

Then they decided to walk and at one point they had to cross the river on boat. Here even the boat started to sink.

So they thought these both incidents couldn’t be a coincidence, instead it should be the power of goddess Chhimkeshwori that’s preventing them from statue being stolen.

Thus, they were scared of the goddess and left the place by living the statue nearby the river.

Later the villagers found the statue and put it back to its original place, in the temple.

4. Fruits of Chhimkeshwori

A wide variety of wild fruits can be found growing in the premises of Chhimkeshwori temple. And anyone can eat the fruits from these trees.

But it is believed that, if you try to take these fruits to your home or away from the temple premises, it gets heavier and heavier as you move farther from the tree.

Thus, no one is allowed to take the fruits from there but you can eat it there.

Chhimkeshwori Travel Video by Ghumante

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