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Home of Goddesses, Culturally Rich, Organic and Sustainable Village

Chhimkeshwori is the highest place on Tanahun district and lies at an altitude of 2,335 meters from sea level. And Goddesses Budhi Mai and Chhimkeshwori Mai reside on the top of the hill.

And the top view of Mountain ranges like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhre and Langtang, the golden magical sunrise and sunset above the clouds makes you feel like living in Heaven.

Along with natural beauty and religious importance, people are also really kind and loving. They are also rich on their own culture and traditions which they have preserved as it is. 

And the village is sustainale on itself. They grow most of the crops necessary for themselves and without using any chemicals.

Welcome to a part of Heaven – Chhimkeshwori.

What to Expect?

Not known among many. But won't forget the village once they visit.

Religious and Cultural Values

As a home of two powerful goddesses, Budhi Mai and Chhimkeshwori Mai, it is really important among the hindu. Also the Gurung ethnic groups have preserved their culture and traditions as it was before.

Sustainable and Organic Village

People living here grow almost all the crops, and keep animals & birds required for their livelihood. And they don't use any chemicals to produce their foods.

Living Gurung Museum

Most of the people living here are Gurung. And their culture and traditions can be clearly seen on their language, dresses, house architecture, song and dance.

Still the Same. Perfectly preserved Culture and Traditions.


Places to Visit

Labdi Chhimkeshwori Village Houses

Labdi - Chhimkeshwori

Village on the lap of Goddess Chhimkeshwori. Best place to enjoy the mesmerizing views of mountains, sunrise and sunset above the clouds.

Hilekharka Village Top View


Gurung Village of around 70 household on the way to Bandipur fromChhimkeshwori. Perfect for a rest day and enjoy the Gurung Cultural Programs.

Clouds above Khasrang Gau


Unlike other villages, it is less known. Best place to experience the rural, non commercialized village. Hike down from Chhimkeshwori via Khasrang and end either at Jalbire, Lamo Jharana Waterfall or at Paach Kilo.


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